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What We Recycle

Our main focus is collecting empty inkjet cartridges for recycling, but we do accept other types of electronic waste.
Planet Green accepts the following items:

  • Inkjet Cartridges
  • Toner Cartridges
  • Cell Phone Pagers & Accessories
  • GPS & Radar Detectors
  • Calculators
  • eBook Readers
  • iPods/MP3 Players
  • Digital/Video Cameras
  • PDAs
  • iPads/Tablets
  • Video Game Consoles, Handhelds & Accessories

Inkjet Cartridges

Inkjet cartridges are a type of e-waste that most people don’t normally think about. Fewer people are using ink to print, thanks to more digital options available today, but that doesn’t mean people will stop printing on paper. More than half of empty inkjet cartridges around the world are tossed into landfills, which is very hazardous to the environment.

As technology continues to advance, you can contribute by recycling your empty printer ink cartridges and encourage others to do the same. Also, choosing to buy remanufactured inkjet cartridges as replacements will save you money in the long run.

Toner Cartridges

Some of the common activities in the workplace (including printing, copying and faxing) hasn’t changed much over the years. While some businesses today are becoming more “green” by going digital, others still continue to print then toss empty toner cartridges into the trash.

To help minimize this problem, companies are encouraged to implement more e-waste recycling in the workplace.

Cell Phones

Every six months or so, we hear about a new cell phone that will be available on the market soon. Cell phone companies entice people with the latest feature, app or even the physical appearance of the phone. The turn around for cell phones is so bad that people stop using them years before it’s necessary to get a new one.

Unfortunately, this trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Although cell phone companies are making the effort to use less hazardous materials, we still should wait to replace our cell phones until it’s absolutely necessary.

Recycling unwanted cell phones (broken or not) will help keep them out of landfills and will be used for their full potential before being broken down.

GPS & Radar Detectors

GPS and radar detectors have become a major concern for e-Waste over the past few years in particular. That’s because the key functions of these electronics have been combined with other technology, rendering them obsolete.

You don’t need a standalone GPS in your car if you can just pull up Google Maps on your phone, right? Unfortunately, this means that they’re ending up in the trash as electronic waste.

Instead though, you can contribute to the solution by recycling your e-Waste. Recycling old GPS or radar detectors will clear your clutter and your conscious at the same time.


Calculators aren’t the first type of gadget that comes to mind when you think about electronic waste, but they are indeed classified as such. There are two issues at hand here.

First, students taking advanced mathematics courses always need the latest and best graphing calculators, and old ones are simply tossed out. Schools should really offer clearer e-Waste recycling programs in these cases, or at least collect older models to give to students who can’t afford new ones.

Additionally, calculators even with advanced functions can be opened on phones and tablets, so standalone models aren’t required.

In either case, calculators can be effectively included in your recycling efforts, minimizing this problem.

eBook Readers

Remember when eBook readers were all the rage? What was it — a whopping three years ago?

Technology in this field has been moving at an extremely rapid rate, and the standalone eBook reader has become obsolete, instead becoming a growing source of electronic waste. Now, you can simply download and read your eBooks or magazines on your iPad or Surface or Galaxy. The standalone Amazon Kindle has even been upgraded to the Kindle Fire tablet, too.

Don’t simply throw our your old eBook readers though, contributing to the ever-increasing scope of e-Waste. Recycling your e-Waste is quick and easy, and can provide substantial help for the environment.

iPods/MP3 Players

How often do you replace your iPod or MP3 player? Statistics show it’s at least every two to three years. That means once every few years, you have a functional but obsolete piece of e-Waste to dispose of, and recycling is the best route.

Additionally, many phones have morphed into the role of portable music player, too. You don’t need that new iPod when your new iPhone can carry 16 GBs of music, do you?

By choosing e-Waste recycling instead of the garbage bin, you’ll prevent harmful materials from getting into the environment, and allow the valuable components to be recovered and reused.

Digital/Video Cameras

Digital cameras and digital video cameras have a short usage life, typically lasting just several years. Even though most are still functional, they become electronic waste when they’re replaced by newer models and thrown out with the trash, harming the environment as a consequence.

Even if you didn’t buy a new digital camera, you may have upgraded to a GoPro for your outdoor adventures. Or maybe you simply just record and photograph on your new phone.

Regardless of the reason, when you have an old digital camera you’re no longer utilizing, the best course of action is e-Waste recycling. Valuable components can be reused, and harmful ones are kept out of the environment.

Do you still have an old PDA sitting in your closet or in the back of a drawer somewhere?

You probably do, and you probably used to love the thing until it become quickly obsolete. The old functions of a PDA are now easily handled, and then some, by the latest smartphone or tablet in your collection.

But even if you didn’t throw this gadget into the trash, it’s still technically electronic waste if it’s sitting unused in your house. That’s because precious metals and other valuable and reusable materials and components can be recovered from your electronic waste via e-Waste recycling.

You’ll clear some space and get your old tech out of the way, and you’ll be helping the environment all at the same time.


Whether you love Apple products or you hate them, we can all agree that the new models are unveiled practically quicker than we can keep track of them all. The same goes for the other tablets from the likes of Samsung or Microsoft which try to keep pace with the iPads. Not only are they “new and improved”, but when you’re dealing with pesky iOS problems, sometimes an upgrade seems like a requirement.

You may find that you can sell, or at least donate, your older iPads and tablets instead of contributing to the electronic waste problem and throwing them out. If not though, then you should absolutely consider e-Waste recycling.

That once brand sparkling new iPad can be recycled so that all of the valuable precious metals its components contain can be recovered and reused. By recycling your e-Waste, you’ll also keep potentially harmful materials out of landfills and the environment as well.

Upgrade your iPad when you’re ready, but only do so if you’re prepared to participate with e-Waste recycling.

Video Game & Consoles

Is your old PlayStation 2 collecting dust in your closet? Let’s go back further, what about your PS1, your Dreamcast, or your N64?

The newest and greatest video game consoles and equipment are released about every three years, and those old ones go unused. But did you realize that even unused technology is considered electronic waste?

Recycling your old consoles clears up your clutter, and allows the precious metals and other reusable components from that gear to be covered. If you still play your old SNES, great, enjoy your vintage video games. But if it’s going unused, then opt for e-Waste recycling and do everyone, and the environment, a big favor.

Do you accept accessories such as batteries, chargers, etc.?
Yes, we encourage you to send in any accessories. Please note that we do not accept alkaline
batteries. We will responsibly recycle these items for you. However, we do not provide compensation at
this time.




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