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Tesla to Power Your Home! (and Apple Wants to Build Electric Cars)

March 5, 2015

Tesla sedan

Tesla has been a leader in electric car technology

With the world becoming increasingly concerned about energy conservation, many large companies have jumped on the renewable resource bandwagon. Tesla is one of the corporations making bold statements and promises about futuristic electric energy production.

Tesla’s Secret “Weapon”

Tesla Motors is mostly known as a car manufacturer that specializes in the field of electric cars. Recently, the giant has announced its intentions to potentially step in another niche.

According to a Bloomberg report from the beginning of February 2015, Tesla intends to begin manufacturing a home battery pack. The company has always had a goal to decrease fossil fuel usage for electric energy production and the announcement is in line with Tesla’s corporate philosophy.

The announcement made by the electric cars manufacturer is certain to rattle the cage and make energy giants feel threatened. If the battery pack really came into existence within six months, as Tesla has announced, and if it happened to be effective enough, traditional utility companies will have to deal with a loss of their monopoly position.

According to analysts, the battery packs can be used throughout the day and when it isn’t being utilized, the pack will store solar energy. Using this stored electricity at times when traditional utility rates are high can save average households anywhere between 20 and 30 percent on their utility bills, The Verge reported.

What Exactly is It?

Tesla home battery pack

Tesla’s plans for a home battery pack combine solar electric energy production with traditional batteries to permit the storage of the energy. So far, solar energy production has had limited use because the process simply stops during the night.

It’s possible that the project executed by the electric cars manufacturer will enable households to steer clear of utility companies in the future and rely solely on the green Tesla energy battery packs.

According to an announcement made by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the design has been finalized and the production of the battery packs is to be expected in the months to come.

According to an announcement made by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the design has been finalized and the production of the battery packs is to be expected in the months to come. Musk also said that the product will have mass appeal and enable Tesla to enter a new field. The company already offers residential storage packs to a select group of customers. It also services corporate clients and some of the Tesla battery packs have already been installed on Walmart stores. The new design, however, is expected to make the Tesla battery packs much more readily available and widespread.

Huge Corporate Spending to Power Innovation

26974322_lThe attempt to enter new niche markets and the development of innovative products is costing Tesla a lot of money. The electric cars manufacturer announced that it will be spending more than ever in 2015.

Apart from launching the electric energy battery packs, Tesla is also expected to invest in the production of 55,000 electric cars. In 2014, the company manufactured a total of 35,000 vehicles, Business Insider reported.

The increased expenditure comes in line with Tesla’s previously announced goal of manufacturing 500,000 vehicles by 2020.

Chances are that the company will succeed with its ambitious plan since the demand for its electric vehicles is overwhelming. The demand for the forthcoming Model X SUV is incredibly high, there have been thousands of pre-orders and the vehicle is expected to be launched on the market solely in the beginning of the coming year!

Challenges from the Competition

Tesla isn’t the only company that’s moving fast towards the production of environment-friendly home energy. Nissan has recently reveled their plan to produce lithium-ion batteries for the home.  Meanwhile, competition in the field electric vehicles intensifies as more and more companies (including hi-tech giants) are announcing plans for the manufacturing of electric cars.


GM Chevrolet Volt EV is not in production yet

In January 2015, General Motors presented its new concept vehicle – the Chevrolet Bolt EV. It’s a 100% electric vehicle that will be capable of traveling approximately 200 miles with a single charge. The price of the Bolt is expected to be approximately $30,000 and it will be the primary rival of Tesla’s Model 3.

Another unexpected yet highly competitive player in the same market could happen to be… Apple! The electronics manufacturer is apparently hiring automobile production experts for a project that’s yet to be announced, as reported by The Verge.

Both technicians and vehicle design experts are in high demand. The Silicon Valley lab where these professionals are to work has been set up during 2014 and Apple hasn’t made an official announcement about the developments taking place there.

Currently, Apple doesn’t have the capabilities of becoming a fully-fledged automobile manufacturer. According to some, the company could be working on some vehicle-related technologies and software products aimed at making driving easier and boosting the safety of the passengers.

It’s still too early to tell whether Apple will join the lines of the Tesla competitors but one thing is certain – green and sustainable energy production is here to stay. More and more companies will start making their first steps in the field, giving customers access to a vast array of options, affordable prices and convenience.

 More Choices, Better (and More Affordable) Options

What does all this mean to you as a consumer? Only good news.

With more and more technology companies vying for your green dollar, we are seeing more and better options for our efforts in embracing a sustainable lifestyle.

Gone are the days when the lonely Prious was the only electric car on the freeway. Gone are the days when CEOs spoke skeptically about the ROI of going green. The culture shift is happening (or might have already happened!) and now industry is in a mad rush to deliver what the consumer clearly wants.

There is a lesson to be learned here, about our power as consumers, and how we can steer manufacturers with our buying dollar. A demand for electric cars and green energy is leading industry giants to compete in creating better options for us.

Similarly, as more and more people realize that remanufactured cartridges are a money-saving, earth-friendly alternative to big-brand, new-plastic cartridges, it allows ink cartridge remanufacturers like Planet Green to blossom, and offer more choices to the consumer.

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