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Old eReaders? Yep, We’ll Take Them.

June 3, 2016

Seemed like a good idea at the time, but with the rise of smartphones, your old eReaders (yes, plural, because we know plenty of you out there have more than one) are collecting dust in a drawer or closet, and you’re just not using them anymore.

Old eReaders like this ancient Kindle go obsolete quickly, but they can find new life with us!

As of March 2016, really old eReaders from Amazon needed an important update or they would stop working completely! If (like your author) this news prompted you to shake the dust of the thing and start using it again, excellent! It’s actually kind of nice to have a lightweight device that carriesĀ the six dozen books one may beĀ reading all at once. If you missed your window, but are still mobilized by the news, you can revive your old eReaders by plugging it in to your computer and following the instructions here.

For the rest of you, you probably opt for your phone or tablet to read your ebooks (it’s convenient!), and that old eReader went obsolete almost immediately. We here at Planet Green are committed to the idea of minimizing the waste stream, and we already have lots of articles about planned obsolescence and the unnaturally short life cycle of small electronics. We believe electronics purchases should be made wisely in the first place. But we understand how easy it is to get swept up in the Latest and Greatest, and we’ve all bought something cool we don’t end up using all that much. It happens.

Here’s What to do With Your Old eReaders

If you find yourself with one or several old eReaders, and run out of people in your life who might be able to use it (college students can get textbooks in eReader formats), Keep in mind that eReaders are one of the many small electronics that we pay for. And we have a program in place to help you raise funds for the organization of your choice by doing just that.


Start raising funds for your cause!

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