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5 Reasons to Recycle and Raise Funds with Planet Green!

August 25, 2016

We are all about helping sport teams, organizations and schools raise funds for important causes. In our eyes, the best way is by recycling. Most people LOVE the idea of donating things they would otherwise throw out rather than buying more things they probably don’t need to support your worthy cause.

It would be easy for us to ramble off all the reasons why we think everyone should be recycling with Planet Green for fundraising or just because they want to help preserve the planet. Yet, when it comes to choosing the right service, product or even restaurant, it helps to hear from others who have already been there and done that. We all like to hear about their experiences so we can make informed decisions. The same applies when it comes to choosing the right fundraising program.


Choosing the Right Program

Here are the top 5 reasons why you will love to recycle and raise funds with Planet Green from real live Planet Green recyclers:

1. Planet Green Recycle Accepts a Wide Range of Items for Recycling

“The Huntington Beach HS Boys’ Volleyball team began e-waste recycling two years ago as a fundraiser. We received all kinds of electronics (big and small) as well as ink cartridges. Unfortunately, the company we used didn’t accept ink cartridges. Planet Green enabled us to recycle our ink cartridges as well as some of the small electronic devices providing revenue to our organization.” – Therese Butler, The Huntington Beach HS Boys’ Volleyball Team


E-Waste We Collect

2. Planet Green Recycle has the BEST Customer Service

“I have found the customer service department very helpful whenever I’ve had to call, which is rare. Collecting and mailing the cartridges and cell phones is extremely easy and is not cost whatsoever. We are happy that we receive money for recycling and also help the environment.” – Judy Blair, Family Services Incorporated


Customer Service that Cares


3. The Planet Green Recycle Program is an Environment Friendly Fundraiser

“Recycling is a way for us to be environmentally friendly.  Planet Green was a great way for us to be responsible and to raise money for our American Cancer Society Relay for Life Team.” – Debbie Schector, Relay for Life Team Semtech


Environment Friendly


4. The Planet Green Recycle program is SUPER easy to manage. Planet Green provides a unique Web URL to promote program, download/print FREE pre-paid shipping labels and more.

“Our elementary school has been so pleased to work with Planet Green the last couple of years. The process is very simple (you don’t even have to log in the cartridges you send), payment is super fast, and the prices are great! In this tough environment where our district is cutting millions from its budget, every dollar we make through Planet Green is put to good use.” – Cindy Sherwood, Oso Grande Elementary School


Free Shipping


5. The Planet Green Recycle Program is a Win/Win/WinRaise funds for important causes, save the environment & support a USA remanufacturer (Planet Green).

“All in all, Planet Green Recycle is a fabulous and unique recycle program to begin with, and what makes it so powerful and effective is that everybody wins; literally.” – Leah Prunty,  Leah Prunty Dance Arts

recycle and raise funds

Planet Green Recycle Program

We hope we subtly convinced you that there is not other option out there like Planet Green to raise funds and recycle. Join our happy family and get started today!

We recycle, because good planets are hard to find.

– Team Planet Green Recycle

Start raising funds for your cause!

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