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Your new “mini-dashboard”

April 28, 2015

your new mini-dashboardWe’ve made it simpler to access the main tools on your fundraising site.

With this new “mini-dashboard” right on the home page, you can download and print free shipping labels, download e-waste recycling box templates, shop for Planet Green Brand cartridges and explore fun projects with just one click of your mouse.

Recycle (Download Labels)

This tile allows you to see what we recycle, and to download and print free shipping labels. You can download as many labels as you like – just remember to use only one label per box.

Some of our EnviroPartners choose to fill up a whole box with recyclables before downloading a label. Some others find it easier to stick a shipping label on the box as they’re getting the empty box ready to start recycling.

Either way works – it’s up to you! 🙂

Buy Recycled (Your Cartridge Store)

The average American family spends over $100 a year in ink cartridges – they can save up to 70% by shopping at your cartridge store.

You’re sending us all these empty cartridges – at some point you’ll have to replenish your printer ink, right?

By buying recycled (buying products made from recycled materials), you can help your organization, and help the planet too: Planet Green brand cartridges are better for the environment (re-using recycled parts keeps tons of plastic and toxic minerals away from our landfills!) – and don’t forget, your cause earns 15% of every purchase.

We strongly recommend you mention this to your family, friends and neighbors. The average American family spends over $100 a year in ink cartridges – they can save up to 70% by shopping at your cartridge store.

Get Set Up (E-Waste Box Templates)

Here you’ll find templates to decorate your e-waste recycling boxes. This is a fun crafts project, and it’s great to do this in a group. We’ve heard from girl scout troops, elementary school classes and church groups who have done this as a team, and had lots and lots of fun doing so. You can use our basic template, or use our “color-it-in” template, or draw your own, following our guide.

Of course, if you’re recycling at home you might not need such fancy getup for your e-waste box – a simple cardboard box will do the trick.

These decorating templates are perfect for the e-waste recycling box to place in your organization’s lobby, for the e-waste box you’ll take to work, or the one you might want to place at the local drycleaners or realtor’s office.

Explore and Learn

Here you’ll find fun projects that raise awareness about the e-waste problem and need for recycling.

We continue to place engaging content on our site – mostly so you can share it with your friends – on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, via email, and at your organization’s events, educating your community about the vital need to go green, and engaging them in your fundraising efforts.

Don’t Worry! Your Full Dashboard is Still There

The full dashboard has not gone away! We created this mini-dashboard to make it simpler and easier to access key tools. However, we continue to add more ways for you to grow your fundraiser, and you’ll find the full set of tools on your full dashboard.

Full EnviroPartner Dashboard for e-waste recycling

We hope you like these improvements! Please write to us with your thoughts.

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