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Our new EMAIL A FRIEND tool

April 28, 2015

Your Planet Green Recycle fundraiser can raise thousands of dollars for your organization and be a significant part of your overall fundraising efforts. But only if people know about it, and participate.

Occasionally our partners ask us what’s the best, the fastest way to raise the most funds. We have always responded with the same answer:

Get people involved. Don’t do it by yourself. Get your whole community recycling.

And we now have the perfect tool for you to easily do that:

Using the EMAIL A FRIEND tool

Email a Friend!

We are happy to announce that we now that a new tool right on our site that makes spreading the words so much easier: the EMAIL A FRIEND tool.

You’ll find this light-blue form to the right of this blog post (if you’re logged in) and also on the homepage on your fundraiser’s home page.

Help your friends save up to 70% on their ink.
All you need to do is enter a friend’s name, their email address, and press “SEND.” Your contact will receive an invitation with your fundraiser’s unique link, asking them to join in and help out.


The Snowball Effect


What’s even better, once your friends join in as EnviroFriends, they too will be able to invite THEIR friends and contacts.

As more and more people share your fundraiser’s link, more and more people will begin to recycle their ink cartridges and gadgets with us, using the FREE shipping labels we provide right on the fundraiser’s site (you can find them by clicking on the “Raise Funds by Recycling” link).

Anyone within the continental United States can pitch in! You could invite a neighbor, they could invite their cousin in Wisconsin, and their cousin could invite their Grandma in Florida – and all of them would be recycling for your cause.

Anyone within the continental United States can pitch in! You could invite a neighbor, they could invite their cousin in Wisconsin, and their cousin could invite their Grandma in Florida – and all of them would be recycling for your cause.

Imagine if each of your family, friends & neighbors were to invite three or four other people to come participate. Your fundraiser will snowball!

Imagine if, instead of one box or two boxes, we received 100 boxes, from people all over the country, all of them linked to your fundraiser.

Start Your Own Snowball!

Go ahead – Use our EMAIL A FRIEND tool to invite a few friends to join your fundraiser. They’ll get a ONE-TIME email asking them to help out.

They will NOT be added to a list, and their contact info will not be stored – so remember to follow up with them (and maybe send them another invite in a week or two).

Get EnviroFriends with your Phone

There is another way to invite friends to join your fundraiser. Suppose you’re having coffee with a friend, and you happen to mention your recycling fundraiser. Your friend says, “that sounds great – I’d be willing to help!”

In the past, you’d have to wait until you get to a computer, find your organization’s unique link ( and email it to your friend.

We’ve made this process much easier:

  1. Open the email app on your phone
    (using the same email address you used to create your fundraiser)
  2. In the “TO:” field, type
  3. In the SUBJECT field, enter your friend’s email address.
    (You can leave the body of the message blank.)
  4. Press SEND!
invite EnviroFriends by email

NOTE: At this time, this “via email” option works only for the EnviroPartner (the person managing the fundraiser).
The web form on this site works for both EnviroPartners AND EnviroFriends.

Our system will automatically send your friend an invite to the fundraiser, with your fundraiser’s unique link.

(Remember: Our system won’t store any of these emails and we won’t market to them. Only if they themselves choose to add themselves as EnviroFriends will they receive further notifications from us.)

Start raising funds for your cause!

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