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5 Easy Fundraising Event Ideas to Raise Money in the Summer

June 5, 2019


Summer is here and there has never been a hotter time to rev up your fundraising efforts. Here at Planet Green, we recycle your ink cartridges year-round which means you can continue to raise funds for your organization even while you’re in vacation mode.

Whether you want to support your school, scout troop, house of worship, sports team, or just a charity whose cause you believe in – there are tons of ways to keep the fundraising momentum going with your organization.

Here are some fundraising event ideas to continue to raise money during the summer months in your community.

5 Easy Fundraising Event Ideas to Raise Money in the Summer

Reach Out to Your Existing Partners and Donors

Even though most fundraising events are planned months ahead, it’s never too late to explore the ways you can get more out of your fundraising efforts. Reach out to your existing partners and donors to see what their plans are for the summer months and ask if you can hand out fliers at their events. Better yet, ask them if they have any inkjets or small electronics they need to get rid of. You might find that they won’t mind at all donating them to your cause.

Turn to the relationships you’ve already worked so hard to foster all year long. Strengthen your bond while simultaneously supporting your fundraising campaign.

Get More People Involved

For organizers of the most successful fundraisers, we know that it’s all about strength in numbers. Tell everyone about your fundraiser.

An easy way to do this is by becoming an EnviroPartner with Planet Green. Invite people to contribute to your Planet Green Recycle fundraiser by sharing the link to your custom website. Use the Tell A Friend option found in your dashboard. When they sign up, they’ll get access to free shipping labels to send in their e-waste items and the funds will be applied to your organization’s account.

The more people you invite, the greater your reach, and the more money you can potentially raise for your cause. Get your friends, neighbors, and colleagues to join and make a huge impact on your fundraiser and the environment!

Use Social Media

We can’t say it enough, don’t ignore social media. Today, everyone is connected and social media allows us to speak directly to our audience. Having an open, direct line of communication with donors and prospects allows for transparency, which is invaluable.

Don’t forget to use hashtags and engage with your community authentically for the best results.

Take Advantage of Holidays or Community Events

Holidays present an excellent opportunity for your fundraiser and summertime is chock-full of birthdays, barbeques, sports games, and street fairs. Take advantage of events happening in your neighborhood or community.

Try setting up a box to gather used inkjets and small electronics for your Fourth of July barbeque. Be sure to tell your guests ahead of time so they can scour their homes for stuff they can contribute to your cause. Everyone has at least a few things that they’ve been stockpiling and simply haven’t had the chance or knowhow on where to dispose of them.

On special occasions, remind your audience why your cause is important and why they should continue to support you.

Keep It Simple – Use Your Promotional Tools

As a Planet Green Recycle partner, you have access to a robust collection of tools to make your fundraiser as successful as it can be. We make it easy for you to send emails with our email templates, send social messages, print flyers, and share your custom fundraising website with prospects and donors.

Even though school is out for summer, you can keep collecting and sending in your submissions all year long. If you need assistance or more fundraising tips, reach out to one of our Fundraising Success Coaches. We are always here to help!

The Importance of Recycling E-Waste

According to the United Nations, 20 to 50 million metric tons of e-waste is discarded every year. E-waste is a major detriment to our environment and the health of people everywhere. It also leads to billions of dollars in plastic, copper, silver, and gold, sitting in landfills around the world. Partnering with Planet Green Recycle means you’re doing your part to save the environment, keep people healthy, all while raising money for your organization.

*As of March 1st, 2020, Planet Green Recycle will no longer be accepting small electronics or e-waste items. We will only be accepting ink cartridges.

Start raising funds for your cause!

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