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Church E-waste Fundraisers Serve Your Mission

May 18, 2016

Church e-waste fundraisers can fulfill your denomination's environmental mission and raise funds for other service projectsMany Christian denominations have issued official statements on the environment. The basic gist of many of them is that the earth is entrusted to humans by God to be its steward and caretaker. This makes church e-waste fundraisers an excellent opportunity to fulfill that charge, while raising money for other projects.

Churches’ Statements on the Environment

Numerous Catholic leaders— including the last two popes— have issued statements supporting the protection of Creation.

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A) has an active environmental network— Presbyterians for Earth Care.

Orthodox Christianity— following the widely-recognized leadership of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew— has issued a number of statements on the environment, including an address during the opening of the first international symposium in 1995.

Increasing numbers of Evangelical leaders follow the lead of the Evangelical Environmental Network.

The United Methodist Church has published several important statements on the environment, including a statement on the Natural World in their Church Social Principals.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has an official position on the environment, detailed in the Environmental Stewardship and Conservation section of their website.

The Mennonite Creation Care Network has a detailed description of their positions on environmental stewardship.

With their historic commitment to simple living, Quakerism has produced important statements on the environment.  Quaker Earthcare Witness is the leading US-based Quaker environmental group.

The Episcopal  Church is part of the worldwide Anglican Communion.  The Episcopal Church has adopted numerous environmental resolutions.

Today, Lutherans Restoring Creation is the main Lutheran (ELCA) environmental network in the US.

The Baptist community is remarkably diverse – and more and more Baptist leaders have issued statements on the environment, including the American Baptists’ policiy statements on Ecology, Energy, and Global Warming.

The United Church of Christ (UCC) has a long history of support for environmental stewardship and justice – having issued one of the most influential documents in the history of the environmental justice movement.

Church E-Waste Fundraisers are Easy and Effective

Planet Green can make it easy for your whole church community to get involved raising funds for your youth group, choir, or mission project, while also fulfilling your commitment to environmental stewardship. Your group can put an e-waste collection box in your social hall, narthex, or office and encourage your congregation to bring their spent inkjet cartridges, cell phones, and other gadgets on Sunday. Check out “Start Raising Funds” and find out how easy it is.


Thanks to GreenFaith for the info on Church Resolutions!

Start raising funds for your cause!

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