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10 Fundraising Tips to make your fundraiser a success

October 13, 2015

Fundraising is no small task… Whether you run a non-profit, a small business or a large corporation, when it comes to asking for donations, most of us head for the hills.

Fundraising TipsFundraising programs like the Planet Green Recycling program allows organizations to raise funds without asking contributors cash. Our program asks your audience to donate items that they are not using and are sitting on a shelf or a box at home.

Planet Green Recycling program allows those who care about the environment to act by donating their e-waste to the causes they care about. Our program allows participants to connect their existing passion directly to your cause. No need to convince your family, friends, and neighbors to become EnviroFriends, just help them realize that they already care about your cause and the environment.

Here are a few tips to help you in your fundraising journey:

  1. Research/Know Your Audience

When reaching to your audience, know what interest them… What should they donate to your cause rather than another one? Why is your cause important to them?


  1. Get some help from your friends and neighbors

Get people involved in your fundraiser… You can do this in person by having a fundraising event or you can use various online tools. Our website offers an “Email a Friend” feature that allows to get your friends to sign up as your EnviroFriend and support your cause. In addition, for our program to work, you don’t have to do all the work, just get local businesses involved by leaving a collection box in their lobby and asking them to send it in for you or call you when it’s full.


  1. Ask for Advice – You’ll Usually End Up with a donation

The best thing about asking for advice is that they are free and open the dialogue to opportunities. Set up meetings with friends or big organization just to talk and exchange ideas. You don’t know what will come out of them.


  1. Set Challenging, but attainable goals

Each year you should have goal and do your best to achieve it before the year ends. Once the year is up, send your contributors a report so that they know how much their efforts benefited your cause, it will be a great way to introduce the goal for the following year.


  1. Your Secret Weapon is “Pointed Silence”

Yes, silence… Learn to listen… Let people tell you want they really want to say.  Marc Koenig from Non-Profit Hub states, “The thing your prospect REALLY wants to tell you – won’t be said if you quickly fill the silence.” He then gives the example of the bad fundraiser vs. the Superman fundraiser:

Bad Fundraiser: “What’s the most important thing about the environment to you?”
Donor: “Well, I think environmental damage is a pretty big problem. We’re hurting the environment forever and we don’t even realize it!”
Bad Fundraiser: “Yeah, you’re so right! That’s why our Program X is so important! Let me tell you… [Donor hears: “blah blah blah”]

NOOOOOOOO—don’t do this! Your funding for next year will die a thousand painful deaths.

Here’s how that conversation could have gone:

Superman Fundraiser: “What’s the most important thing about the environment to you?”
Donor: “Well, I think environmental damage is a pretty big problem. We’re hurting the environment forever and we don’t even realize it!”
Superman Fundraiser: “How interesting!” [shuts up and looks genuinely interested]
Donor: [feels like he should talk because of the silence] “… yeah! It’s really crazy. In fact, the other day I was thinking about when I was a kid and would go out and look at the stars in the country and see meteors and all kinds of awesome stuff. But now that the city is so big, and there’s so much light pollution and smog, when I go out with MY kids to our cabin we’re lucky to see anything. It’s so sad.”


  1. Ask for a Specific Items (Don’t make your Donor do the work)

If donors don’t know exactly what you want they will not bother to help you. Make you needs clear sand give them all the information they will need to make a donation. Donating should be easy and hassle free for the donors. For your Planet Green fundraiser, ask your EnviroFriends to collect empty inkjet cartridges and small electronics and send them to us. You’ll receive a check for every box we receive on your behalf…


  1. Use promotional tools

Promote, promote, promote… With so many causes and organizations out there, your cause needs to be on the map. Visibility is key!  Donors need to know that you are working hard every day to reach your fundraising goals. You can promote your Planet Green fundraiser by customizing your fundraising website, downloading and printing our flyers and/ or banners, putting a web banner on your organization’s website with a direct link to your fundraising site, etc…


  1. Take advantage of significant dates. Use birthdays and holidays as reasons to promote

On special occasions, remind your audience why your cause is important and why they should continue to support you. Invite your audience to be generous and celebrate the holiday with a donation!


  1. Get Creative

Get Noticed!!! Fundraising is not easy, so stand out from the crowd. Invest in small ads on Facebook or local magazines, add your fundraising site URL on your website, blog and email, ask your EnviroFriends to pick up a customized e-waste box to place in their home/business, create an EnviroFriend challenge, etc.


  1. Use your Social Media

We can’t say it enough, don’t ignore social media. Today, everyone is connected and social media allow organizations and businesses to talk direct to their audience. Having an open, direct line of communication with donors and prospects allows for transparency and is unvaluable.




Start raising funds for your cause!

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