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6 Key Fundraising Tips

Update: We’ve expanded on this post on fundraising tips here. Coming up with the perfect fundraising idea is just the start of the process. Each type of fundraiser will demand a specialized kind of involvement and a bit of strategic thinking. Knowing how to get there and how to plan the entire event will help you make the most of the opportunity.

Innovative fundraising ideas like building a guidebook or a calendar through the use of modern technology will require a specialized approach in order to be successful. Based on our fundraising guide, we’ve come up with the following tips to help you make the most of the opportunity and earn a sufficient amount of money for the cause that you support.

Make It Relevant

A relevant fundraising idea will raise awareness about the cause you’re trying to support and it will also result in the collection of more money for the particular idea.

If you are supporting a child health cause, you can work on handcrafted toys or sell greeting cards painted by the particular children you’re trying to help. The relevance factor of the campaign is very likely to get people interested and willing to provide financial, organizational or any other kind of support.

Make It Fun

So many fundraising ideas are clichéd, stiff and lacking a bit of humor and spirit. Don’t be afraid to make it goofy, a bit silly and exciting. This is a certain way to get noticed, especially if you manage to stay away from stereotypical fundraising possibilities.

There could be mini-goals or hilarious awards for the individuals that contribute the most to the campaign. A silly T-shirt can be a great stimulus for people to contribute. The same applies to having one of the campaign organizers do something stupid, filming it and posting the video online. Why do you think that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has become so popular?

Go National (or International)?

Why go from door to door if you could rely on the power of internet and digital technology? Remote or virtual fundraisers will help you reach a much larger crowd, spreading awareness across the nation or even making the campaign international.

For a start, you need to build a website dedicated to the cause. If you don’t have the experience and you don’t have volunteers willing to work on such a project, you can certainly make use of social networking. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are great websites to spread awareness and maximize the
results of your fund collection efforts.

Build a community and start an active discussion about the problem. Get people involved. The success of fundraisers will often depend on the emotional involvement of individuals that donate. The more you manage to get these people involved, the happier you’ll be with the results.

Your Belief in the Cause will Affect the Response of Others

If you want people to feel some passion about the cause you’re supporting, you’ll have to be passionate about it, as well.

The people that you reach out to will be capable of sensing your commitment, whether you’re doing face-to-face presentations or you’re using the power of Facebook. The manner in which marketing materials are created, the emails that you share and the event you organize will all be affected by your attitude and your emotional involvement. If you can’t commit 100 percent, you can’t expect people to be moved by the issue.

Events Raise Awareness

Here’s one more tip – apart from being active online and educating people about the issue, you should also think about organizing some kind of marathon, a competition or another event that will bring out the competitiveness in people and affect them on the most basic, sub-conscious level. Everybody wants
to be a winner and if the win is accompanied by support for a social cause, people will feel even better about their participation.

You need a comprehensive approach. Being active on all fronts, organizing a remote fundraiser and planning an event at the same time will certainly push you to the limit. This is why you should take the time to come up with a plan in advance. If you have a really good idea about what you want to do and which elements will help you get there, you’ll certainly be 100 percent satisfied with the outcome of your campaign.

Follow Up with People Who don’t Respond Initially

Just because someone has failed responding to your initial message doesn’t mean you should leave these people alone. We’re just kidding, there’s no need to stalk on individuals and remind them of the cause on a daily basis. Getting back to them after a bit of time, however, can help you win those people
over for the cause.

You shouldn’t be seen as someone who’s irritating and too pushy. Send a follow-up email about the state of the campaign and the amount you still need to collect. If you still failing getting a response, you might attempt to target a different group of individuals.

The Planet Green Recycle Program

The Planet Green Recycle Program can easily apply the 6 fundraising tips mentioned earlier. Through our program, participants raise funds by collecting empty inkjets, cell phones, and other types of electronic waste to be recycled for reuse.

An environmental cause like our fundraising program is relevant to others because everyone owns some kind of electronic that will stop working one day. When that happens, people have a choice to either do good to the environment by recycling or do bad by throwing the unwanted electronic into the trash.

Using the power of social media allows you to share your fundraiser with everyone you know. This allows you to plan virtual fundraisers to collect empty ink cartridges and other e-waste items from all over the nation.

Your passion to help prevent more e-waste from reaching landfills will affect the response from those around you. When others sense your excitement and passion, they’re more likely to be as pro-active as you are about the fundraiser.

Planning an event to collect recycling items will raise more awareness in the long run. You can make it competitive by whomever collects the most empty cartridges, cell phones or iPods will receive a cool prize. Keep things fun by getting creative as much as possible with giveaways, prizes and even video challenges.

Follow up with people who don’t respond initially by using our promotional materials or emails. We offer many ways to keep in touch and reach out to your supporters.

These are just some of the important tips to remember while organizing your next fundraiser. Make it relevant, use modern technologies and try to get your audience actively and emotionally-involved. Strategize in advance. If your efforts are sporadic and misguided, you’ll probably fail getting to your fundraising goal. Being committed and working with reliable partners (like Planet Green Recycle) will make your fundraiser modern, exciting and awareness-raising.




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