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Upcycling Cardboard Crafts

June 2, 2016

Upcycling cardboard craft projects are one of our favorite ideas (next to fundraising by recycling, that is). DIY upcycling crafts are the home version of remanufacturing. Either way we’re keeping more out of the landfill when we embrace our creative sides and make old things new again.

We all have plenty of used cardboard just waiting for the bin, from cereal boxes, pasta, remanufactured inkjet cartridges (wink, wink), and with a little ingenuity we can keep them out of the waste stream and craft useful, charming things for the home.

Here are four of our favorite projects from around the web:

Upcycling cardboard boxes into a cute Homework Caddy by Aunt Peaches

Upcycling Cardboard + Duct Tape = a Cute Homework Caddy

Aunt Peaches has a great little tutorial on turning three different-sized cardboard boxes into a handy homework caddy.


Upcycling Cardboard TP Rolls into Adorable Giftwrap

Via MommyShorts, this is in a Christmas upcycle ideas list, but you can gift wrap any small item for any occasion using this method. Just choose different patterned scrap paper to match the occasion.

Elizabeth Joan Designs' Brilliant idea for upcycling cardboard boxes into baskets

Carboard into Baskets Upcycle Project

Elizabeth Joan Designs turned one of the many, many, many shipping boxes we all get into a chic little storage basket using some heavy twine. Save your sturdiest used boxes to send your empty inkjets and small electronics to us, but try this when you need a cheap and easy storage solution.

Upcycle cardboard of any size into colorful stackers for kids (via

Upcycling Cardboard Pieces into Colorful Stackers

Meaningful Mama has this great and simple idea to turn scraps of cardboard into a colorful toy for her kids to play with. Build all kinds of wild structures with these slotted stackers.


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