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DIY Halloween Decorations

October 25, 2016

Recycle and Re-purpose Household Items into Creative Halloween Decorations

There are tons of DIY ideas out there and even better Green DIY projects. Below are some great eco-friendly decorating ideas that reuse household items and are still spooky!  So before you go to the Halloween store to purchase more “stuff”, think about decorating your home with recycled materials.  Plus these projects are great for the whole family to make together!



Paper Witch’s Broom Treat Bag


Things you’ll need: brown paper bags, sticks, scissors, and candy 

  1. You need two paper bags for each broomstick. Unfold one bag and push out its base while folding in the left and right sides. Use scissors to cut the bag into thin strips right down to the base fold. Cut thin strips into the top inch or so of the second bag.


  1. Open both bags and place the second bag inside the shredded one


  1. Add Halloween candy of choice. Insert a small branch into the bag. Cinch the tops of both bags and secure with ribbon. Add a cute tag.



Party Poppers


Things you’ll need: Empty toilet paper rolls, Card stock cut in 4 inch x 6.75 inch pieces, Tissue paper, Twine, Googly eyes, Glue stick or tape runner, Sharpie and/or white ink gel pen

  1. Wrap a piece of card stock around one toilet paper tube and glue closed with either your glue stick or tape runner. Press the seam to seal it well.


  1. Glue a pair of googly eyes onto each roll and make a mouth and/or nose and maybe even some hair for your Halloween creature using a Sharpie marker or a white gel pen.


  1. Cut a couple pieces of tissue paper measuring around 10 x 10 inches and place some fun Halloween party favors in the center. Fold up the goodies, twist the ends slightly and fan them open, and tie with a piece of twine.


4.  Carefully slide your tissue paper pouch inside the toilet paper rolls




Things you’ll need: Empty plastic jugs (8), Marker, Scissors, Hole punch, String or fishing line, hot glue gun

  1. Trace bones on empty plastic jugs with marker (download bone template online)

(You will use one whole jug for the head and for the torso)

DYI Skeleton

  1. Cut out bones with scissors and lay out on table


  1. Hole punch bones where they will be connecting
  2. String the bones together and use hot glue gun to connect head to torso








Lurking Eyes


Things you’ll need: Paper towel rolls, Xacto knife, glow sticks, and duct tape

  1. Collect toilette and paper towel cardboard rolls
  2. Cut out eye shapes with Xacto knife (adults should handle Xacto knife)


3. Insert glow stick and cover ends of roll with duct tape


4. Display in trees

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