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Why Does U.S. Manufacturing Matter?

May 24, 2016

planetgreen-facilityWe are very proud of the fact that our cartridges are remanufactured here in the U.S. But why does U.S. manufacturing matter? We compiled a list of 9 reasons why you want to be looking for that little Made in USA (or in our case, “remanufactured in USA”) sticker. It’s more than just being patriotic, but that doesn’t hurt. Check it out:

Why Does U.S. Manufacturing Matter? A Short List:

1. US Manufacturing creates strong middle-class jobs.

Did you know California is ranked #1 in total number of manufacturing jobs in the country? We are based in Los Angeles, and are a part of that number. Manufacturing makes for 8.8% of total US employment— that’s a BIG deal. That’s 8.8% of rent being paid, meals on the table, scout dues paid, life being lived, and it’s important to our communities to support those businesses to keep those numbers strong.

2. Manufacturing jobs create dignity.

Manufacturing is the kind of “good job” you can get without a lot of education; it helps people find a way up out of poverty. The more Why does U.S. Manufacturing Matter? It means less hungry people

3. Manufacturing creates wealth for a nation.

It’s a simple matter of inflow and outflow of cash. If we buy things that are made here, the money stays here. If instead, we buy things made somewhere else, the money goes away, and it usually stays away.

4. Manufacturing is the most important cause of economic growth

If we make things, we are likely also making the things that make things. Take our remanufacturing plant here in Chatsworth, for instance. Much of the equipment we use to disassemble, clean, fill, and reconstruct our cartridges was designed and constructed especially for us. So we don’t just make cartridges, we are instrumental in making the machines that make the cartridges, so that’s two industries instead of just one.

5. Factories are safer than ever before.

In the U.S., we have regulations and culture that emphasizes safety, which means you can be sure that a U.S.- made product is coming from a facility where everything is being done to ensure the workers were safe while making your product.

6. U.S. factories are the clean ones.

For the same reasons as safety, in the US we have regulations and culture that emphasize clean practices. Many manufacturing plants are researching and developing more ways to lower emissions and other forms of pollution.

8. Workers with good jobs are more likely to be healthy.

A good job is the kind of job where you can afford to get medical care if you’re sick. Manufacturing jobs tend to be those kind of good jobs (and many even come with benefits!). When your friends and neighbors are healthy it’s good for your community.

9. Manufacturing research is a hotbed of innovation.

U.S. manufacturing generates 75% of private-sector research and development. Innovations generated by manufacturers keep our nation competitive and enable us to be on the forefront of new technologies. They keep manufacturing technology on the leading edge, which protects all those lucrative manufacturing jobs we created.

Manufacturing supports one in six private-sector jobs and, if taken alone, would be the ninth-largest economy in the world!


Hat tip to Inc. and the Roosevelt Institute

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