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Toner Cartridges and the Electronic Waste Crisis

June 16, 2015

printer-toner-wholesaleE-waste is a worldwide crisis growing steadily as individuals and businesses consume more disposable electronic devices, and accessories than ever before. E-waste contributes to up to 5% of the total waste but equals to 70% of the overall toxic waste  produced in urban and industrial areas, creating a need for solutions to reduce the amount of e-waste produced. Solutions may come in the form of new technologies, changing consumption patterns, or by finding new ways to recycle.

Toner and ink cartridges, disposed of in high numbers every year, have become a significant contributor to the e-waste crisis. Toner cartridges contain fine plastic particles, carbon, and toxic coloring agents that can take hundreds of years to biodegrade.

Toner Cartridge Facts

To understand how the manufacturing process and the improper disposal of toner cartridges can affect the environment, it’s necessary to know how many cartridges are disposed of each year, and how they impact the environment.


Put the totals into perspective…

100 million toner cartridges weigh approximately 290 million kilograms, which is the equivalent to almost 320,000 tons. That’s only 20,000 tons shy of the weight of the Empire State Building.

Solutions for toner cartridge E-Waste

Through e-waste recycling, it is possible to reduce the environmental impacts caused by toner cartridges. One effective way is to send used toner cartridges to cartridges remanufacturers. Remanufactured toners use less energy to produce, and perform as well as new toners when they’re produced using industry standard methods. (PDF)

Up to 97% of the original components in a toner cartridge can be kept in a remanufactured toner, saving raw materials. At its most effective, remanufacturing will use just 1/9 of the virgin materials required for producing a brand new toner cartridge.

Recycled toner cartridges

Planet Green Recycle provides an effective ink and toner recycling program, along with other e-waste management services.

Planet Green Recycle offers an environmentally friendly service that not only allows to collect and re-purpose e-waste such as toner cartridges and small electronics, but also helps local communities by providing fundraising benefits. Planet Green also helps individuals and businesses by providing budget-friendly, environmentally responsible, remanufactured cartridges that are up to 70% less expensive than original brand cartridges.

Printing is not obsolete…

Even though electronic documents and distribution has increased in the past decade, the need for traditional printing is not declining. That’s why it’s important for businesses and individuals to responsibly dispose of e-waste and toners. Recycling and purchasing remanufactured ink cartridges is not only a way to decrease e-waste, but it is also more cost effective, making recycled toners a compelling solution to combat the modern e-waste crisis.

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