Recycle Cookie Trays into a DIY Rock Mat

DIY Rock Mats

Bring the outdoors into your home with a DIY rock mat inspired by nature! Perfect for rainy days, this natural-looking shoe mat works great for dripping wet rain boots or dirty shoes. We love how you can easily recycle an old cookie tray or plastic tray into a new door mat for your front porch or drying mat for inside the home. You can use large sized rocks or small pebble sized stones collected from your backyard. To help get you started on your DIY rock mat, check out these patterns:

DIY Rock Mats

(1) Border          (2) Letter P          (3)  Swirl

Once you’ve collected enough rocks, wipe them off if they’re a little dirty. Sort them onto your tray while trying to keep the surface fairly flat. Use eco-friendly glue to help keep the rocks in place. We suggest looking into companies such as Eco-Bond, Master Bond or GlueitGreen for environmentally safe adhesives. Once the glue is dry, set the mat in it’s rightful place and then all you need are some wet shoes to test it out!

Reduce, reuse and recycle!

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