Organization Spotlight: Habitat for Humanity of Bergen County

Habitat for Humanity of Bergen County is this month’s Organization Spotlight due to their amazing current projects, New Year’s resolutions and extensive fundraising efforts.  Currently, they are occupied with a LEED-Certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) project where they are creating four 3-bedroom homes.  While building these homes, they will pay special attention to energy efficiency, water conservation, indoor environmental quality and more!

Since Habitat for Humanity of Bergen County’s founding in 1994, they have built 14 homes that house 75 people.  At this point, over 6,500 volunteers have worked over 200,000 hours towards their mission.


We had the pleasure of interviewing Habitat Bergen’s Executive Director Jacey Raimondo for insight on what they have done, what they are doing, and what they have planned when it comes to projects, fundraising, and environmental goals.

Let’s get to the interview:

Planet Green Recycle:  Tell us about your organization and what you are raising funds towards?

Jacey:  Habitat for Humanity of Bergen County is a nonprofit organization with the mission of providing affordable housing to low-income and hard-working Bergen County families. All of our funds help support our ongoing housing projects, such as our LEED-certified project in Oradell, which will house 4 families. Additionally this year, we are raising funds for our Sandy rehabilitation project – Repair. Rebuild. Restore. We will be rebuilding block-by-block in Little Ferry, NJ to get families back into their homes, revitalizing neighborhoods and bringing hope to the area.

oradell 2

Planet Green Recycle:  What made you want to sign up for the Planet Green Recycle fundraising program?

Jacey:  We recognize the importance of maintaining our environment and one of our New Year’s resolutions is to look for even more ways to be ‘greener,’ in addition to our current LEED-certified, energy efficient Oradell housing project. We saw what Planet Green was doing and immediately wanted to collaborate with their organization. We are proud to be on the Planet Green Recycle Team and to be able to eliminate some of the waste that would have gone straight to a landfill. With must-have new electronics being released nonstop, we need to think about what we can do with those old models and avoid the trash.


Planet Green Recycle: What are your fundraising goals with Planet Green?

Jacey:  Our goal is to spread the word and partner with more companies/schools/individuals and have them join our ‘Planet Green Recycle Team’. We want our community to get involved so that we can have as much of an effect on our environment as possible. The more items we give back to Planet Green, the more items we prevent from making it to landfills. We are very excited specifically about our corporate program and have already partnered with United Water and Samsung Electronics America, Inc., amazing companies that now have Habitat Bergen Planet Green Team Recycle bins in their offices to encourage their employees to participate and help protect the environment. We want to continue to spread the word about this great program and then put words to action.


Planet Green Recycle:  How do you encourage your supporters to assist in your e-waste recycling efforts?

Jacey:  We have been raising awareness about our Planet Green Recycle Team through multiple mediums – such as our regular email blasts to all of our volunteers, partners and surrounding community, and our ongoing announcements on Twitter and Facebook. Additionally, our press release announcing Habitat Bergen’s ‘Planet Green Recycling Team has resulted in several media placements in local newspapers. We also always encourage our corporate teams to bring their recyclable items to our job sites when they volunteer with us.


We would like to thank Jacey and Christina for taking the time to work with us on this Organization Spotlight.  We love everything you are doing and are so happy to see how environmentally conscious you are.  We wish you the best of luck on your current and upcoming projects.  Keep up the great work!

-Team Planet Green Recycle

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