Organization Spotlight: Iowa State Wildlife Care Clinic

The Wildlife Care Clinic was established in 1984 for students in the College of Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State University to gain experience in wildlife medicine.  The clinic is a nonprofit organization that runs on donations, fundraisers, and income from their educational programs.  WCC staff regularly makes appearances at schools and various types of community events to educate about the mission of their program.

For their events and programs, WCC likes to bring some of their educational birds as examples of their cause.  Some animals are non-releasable, but the primary objective of their program is to rehabilitate and release injured species.

Now let’s get to the full interview.

The Wildlife Care Clinic poses with just a few of their patients

Planet Green Recycle: Tell us about your organization and what you are raising funds towards.

WCC:  Here at the Wildlife Care Clinic, we care for and treat many types of animals, including: bald eagles, hawks, owls, coyotes, river otters, minks, and white-tailed deer.

Approximately 75% of the patients admitted to the WCC suffer traumatic injuries related to human activity such as: car collisions, hunting and trapping accidents, power line electrocution, window collisions, and wire fencing.

Unfortunately, the WCC faces an uncertain future as the costs are quickly adding up. Medications, food stuffs, diagnostics, and surgery are expensive. Currently, these items are costing the clinic approximately $55,000 per year. All donations directly benefit our wildlife patients.

Planet Green Recycle:  What are the overall goals of your organization?

WCC:  The Wildlife Care Clinic is a nonprofit organization whose primary mission is to provide medical attention, rehabilitation, and facilities for injured or orphaned wildlife.

We aim to educate the public on the importance of Iowa’s and the Midwest’s, native wildlife and environment.

As a secondary mission, we aim to place non-releasable wildlife with other licensed wildlife professionals for education and housing purposes. 

Planet Green Recycle:  What environmentally conscious events does your organization take part in?

WCC:  Not only do we do our best to take care of Iowa’s wildlife and recycle our small electronics and ink cartridges to Planet Green, we even collect and recycle batteries. We also take donations of used items from the community, such as blankets, kitchen items, and food stuffs that can be used second-hand in the clinic to meet the needs of the wildlife that come in.

Planet Green Recycle:  What made you want to participate in the fundraising/recycling program with Planet Green?

WCC:  Recycling with Planet Green is a way for us to take some responsibility in our community and to raise funds for the patients at the clinic. It’s a good feeling to know that we are helping the environment in more than one way! 

Planet Green Recycle:  In what ways has this program made your organization more environmentally aware?

WCC:  We are more cautious regarding the items we throw away, and are often on the lookout for ways that we can recycle other items in the clinic and in the community!


Planet Green Recycle would like to thank Heather Roling and everyone in the Iowa State Wildlife Care Clinic for all their hard work and dedication to their program.  What they are doing really does make a difference and we hope to see a lot more programs like this in the near future.  If you would like to make a donation to their organization and support their cause, click here.

-Team Planet Green Recycle

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